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Civil War OnLine

Civil War OnLine (CWOL) is a military, economic, and political simulation of the American Civil War with both wargaming and roleplaying aspects.

The software suite for CWOL is completing a multi-year re-engineering effort. The land warfare module, Rolling of the Drums, was completed in 2010. CWOL features components for land warfare to include railroad movement and riverine operations, a naval module, Wood, Sail, Iron, Canvas (WISC), currently undergoing beta testing (March 2014), an economic module that addresses the unique situation of the ACW era, and a foreign policy module. There will be an iteration of CWOL, CWOL VIII, in the Fall of 2014. If you are interested in participating in CWOL VIII or the current WISC beta test, you must join the Players Guild (see link below) and then use the URL for enrollment in these activities on the Players Guild web site.

Individuals who are interested in participating in CWOL and have not attended the introductory training should proceed to this site to enroll in the CWOL Academy as well as join the Players Guild (see below). There are no fees associated for either activity. Veterans from the SAS version of CWOL are encouraged to enroll in the CWOL Academy as well.

Napoleonic Wars OnLine

Napoleonic Wars OnLine (NWOL) is a multiplayer simulation of combat and diplomacy during the Wars of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (approximately 1793 to 1815). NWOL is compatible with most browsers using Javascript - no software to load.

NWOL 4 concluded in October 2013 after an extended game lasting from 2011. France was the winner among the Major powers, followed by Holland in the Minors category, and Sardinia in the Fragmented States. The next iteration of NWOL is scheduled for 2015. However, it is possible that there will be an interim "scenario game" offered before that date. Any change in the NWOL event schedule will be announced on this page and the Players Guild web site. If you are interested in playing NWOL you will need to join the Players Guild (see URL link below) to have access to game event announcements as well as other game-related activities.

If you have never played NWOL before, you should click on this link for information on how to enroll in the NWOL Academy at St. Cyr and/or review the rules for play.

Historical Online Learning Foundation Players Guild

The Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF) was incorporated in 2001 and maintains its registration in the state of Delaware as a non-profit corporation. It is funded by donations and private grants. There are no fees required for participation in HOLF-sanctioned events or activities. HOLF seeks to encourage the study of American and world history through participation in interactive simulations presented via the World Wide Web. If you are interested in joining this hobby group click on the link above and proceed to the Players Guild web site for information on current projects and how to become a member.

BLADD (CWOL I & II) software concept and design - Tim Desmond.

SAS/GQ/CPAG software  (CWOL III thru VII) development and subsequent programming by Marcus Devine

NWOL and ROTD software developed under agreement with Stephen Schmidt

WBTS software development & testing performed by MALCOM Games, Ltd

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