American-Mexican War OnLine 2017 (AMWOL 2) registration (Version 2)

Please indicate your preferences for player assignment to play AMWOL 2017 using the web form below. This is a revised version of an earlier registration form. Please re-submit if your previous attempt to register was rejected. You will receive a confirmation message after you submit your selections.

Your given last name.

The first name you use for HOLF communications

Are you a member of the HOLF Players Guild and have a working account? If not, go to and create a new account.

What email address will you be using to receive turn reports and to validate orders submitted by you?

Enter the password that you want to use to generate unit and functional orders within the AMWOL game system

Do you wish to use a game name to facilitate an era-specific persona for the role-playing aspect of AMWOL? If so, indicate what it is. If you do not wish one, leave the entry field blank.

For ease of communication and timely contact by the game admin and teammates, what time zone do you use?

Indicate your preferences of being a citizen (playing member) of either a US player faction or a citizen of one of the Mexican Fragmentary States. You can make more than one choice.

What role in the game do you wish to play? Regimental command is the basic level role. There are several military roles in both the army and navy you can pursue as well. Select from the following list. Make multiple selections or indicate "no preference".

Are there any special considerations that should be factored into your playing assignment?