Civil War OnLine IX registration

This is the player registration form to play Civil War OnLine IX (CWOL 9). Registration and game play are free. It is only required that you complete the registration form attached for your game account and set up a Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF) Players Guild account (go to: and click on "create a new account" on the right menu) to keep pace of game announcements and supplemental game activities. These accounts are free of charge as well.

For game registration you will need to provide your name, any game persona you wish to use (optional), the email account you wish to use for game notices and communications, a password for your game account, which national faction (USA or CSA) you want to join, which political alignment you wish want within that faction, state of residence (use states that existed in 1860) and select a series of options about what roles, military and/or political, you want to assume for the game.

Players are not guaranteed to get the national faction, regional preference, or political party they request. Based on the number of people playing there may be a need to involuntary assign a player to a different faction/area. The Game Administrator will coordinate with any player effected prior to doing so.

This is a team-based game so expect communications from team mates and foes alike. There are also the newspaper section of the Players Guild web site that can be used to further embellish your persona.

Welcome to Civil War OnLine.

Please enter your last name.

Please enter the first name want the other players to use for you.

Enter the email you want to use for turn reports and game communications.

Enter a unique password for security of your orders and turn reports. NOTE: Use only letters or numbers. Special or punctuation characters in the password will cause any affected player order to be discarded.

Enter any Civil War era persona or name you may wish to use during CWOL 9 (this is optional).

Indicate the national faction you wish to join.

In the role playing module, Constituents, Legislation, and Policy (CLAP), to limit the demand for political players the residency areas are states grouped into regional blocs. Depending upon your alignment as Union or Confederate, select from one to three regional blocs from the list. You can be a "galvanized Yankee" or vice versa if you wish to be a resident of a regional bloc not aligned with your national faction.

This option is provided in case a player wants to have a specific state alignment for CWOL 9. Please remember to enter only states that existed in 1860.

Players select having a pre-war military or political background. The difference affects the scoring you receive individually under the CLAP rules. Politicians get a greater amount of points for political events. Players with military background receive a higher amount of points for successful military events.

Every player chooses a political alignment whether they plan to be a political entity or not. Please choose a party alignment for both the Union or Confederates in case your national faction selection needs to be changed.

Select from the list of roles those that you are interested in playing during CWOL 9. While there is no guarantee that you will get the role you want this selection helps the Game Administrators in assignments as well as future national faction leadership.

Within the CLAP role playing module, a player must announce if he wishes to be an active politician and what office he intends to seek. The purpose of this option is to indicate to the Game Administrators that there is at least one person from each party running for the Presidency, the Governorships, and Congress.