Registration for NWOL 2018

Below is the pre-game registration form for playing in NWOL 2018. At this moment, 22 July 2018, it is not known what version of NWOL scenario will be featured in the NWOL 2018 game event.
Depending on how many players sign up, the scenario can be a full NWOL if more than 60 players register, a lesser conflict from earlier in the 18th Century such as the War for Austrian Succession or the War of Spanish Succession if the player count is less than 60, or even a very limited two or three campaign season “special scenario” such as Pugachev’s Rebellion or the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 if the registration count is less that 35.
Pre-game registration will run from publication of this registration until 15 Sept 2018. On 16 September, the selection of the scenario for NWOL 2018 will be announced and the pre-game team assignments and preparatory turns, such as ASSIGN / BUILD / DEPLOYMENT turns, will begin. Registration will continue for late arrivals but with some limitation of options for player placement.
Please track all updates concerning NWOL 2018 at the Players Guild Forum.

Please enter your last name.

Enter the first name you wish entered into the game database.

Enter the email address you plan to use for all NWOL orders and Turn feedback. This should be a reliable email account that will not change.

Enter the game name you want to use during NWOL 2018. If you want to wait until the scenario selection write “waiting on scenario”. You want to use your given name, left this entry blank.

JkIn NWOL , there are three different types of nation-states used : major countries, minor countries, and fragmented states {the viable parts of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) or Holy Roman Empire (Italy)}

In the case that a scenario with a Napoleonic basis is selected, this is the nation I would prefer to play. State “No Preference” if you have none. Limit list to no more than two names.

Select what role you would like to pursue once you are assigned to a nation-state team. (Limit select to four or less)

Indicate the roles or nation citizenship that you do not want to be in NWOL 2018. Note any special consideration you want taken in your assignment. Be as specific and concise as possible.

Are you available to play in a short duration cadet game during August/September? This game will primarily to train new NWOL players but will include positions for cadre to play or act as mentors. Indicate your availability and preference as a player only or as a mentor.

Write the password you want to use to submit orders and confirm reports.

Select your top two choices for the scenario for NWOL 2018. This information will be factored into the selection if the player registration count is very close to the deciding line between two options. (Select two)