Spring Games 2020 registration

This is the registration page for Historical Online Learning Foundation's Spring Games 2020.

The game event will concentrate on the little known 1863 campaign in central Tennessee, the Tullahoma campaign. All the heroes of the Army of Tennessee are involved, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joe Wheeler, Patrick Cleburne, A.P Stewart, as well as the goat of that army, Braxton Bragg. On the Union side, the less well known William Rosecrans leads the resurgent Army of the Cumberland, featuring newly raised units as well as the unique mounted infantry brigade, Wilder's "Lightening Brigade", armed completely with Spencer breech loading rifles.

Please fill out your required game information for the player database as well as state your preferences for which team and player role(s) you prefer.

Target date to start the Spring Games is 16 March.

If there is a problem for you with this form please contact HOLF at SG2020-GA@holf.org

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