Anaconda 1861-63 Regstration (2021 Winter Event)

This web form is for the registration of players for “Anaconda 1861-63”, the HOLF game event for Winter 2021. Integrated within this web form is the signup sheet for the Anaconda Cadet Game, Mobile Bay 1864.

Mobile Bay 1864 will run from 3-21 Dec 2020. Anaconda 1861-63 will start the week of 8 January 2021. Details to be provided via the HOLF Players Guild Forum. Registered players need to have an active account to stay updated on GA announcements and the game event schedule.

List Last Name from your Players Guild account.

Enter the first name used on your HOLF Players Guild account

If you want to use a game name please list it here. If you do not intent to use a game name, leave this field blank.

List the email account you want to use for game reports and security features.

Enter the password you will use to enter orders and other game security requirements.

Select which nation state team you wish to align with.

Select the state you wish to be used for your player profile. Be sure to only select a state that was part of the Union in 1860.

Indicate what roles you are willing to assume in the team structure of Anaconda 1861-63. Multiple entries allowed.

Are you going to play in the cadet game? Indicate above.

Use my previous player registration preferences as needed for the Mobile Bay 1864 Cadet Game.(I understand that I will be assigned to the Union team for the cadet game)