Summer 2021 Registration (30 Years War)

This registration page is for the registration of all players of the HOLF 2021 Summer Game(s), the 30 Years War scenario (NWOL game engine). This registration is unique to this event and will NOT be used for any other use. Player information will not be sold nor shared with any agency other than the Historical Online Learning Foundation (HOLF) and its functional subdivisions.

Last name as listed with the HOLF Players Guild.

First name as listed with the HOLF Players Guild.

Email account to be used to receive all game related reports and correspondence.

Password you wish to use for verification of all orders issued in game play.

Any game name you wish to use. Not required.

What type nation-state you wish to use for game play.

What roles in the NWOL game system you want to use. (multiple)

List all experience or HOLF Guild status (multiple)

I am willing to be Treasury Minister for my nation-state and/or Ally

List all considerations that should be considered in your registration and nation-state placement (include vacations, planned activities that would cause a prolonged absence from the game, any personal preferences affecting your placement)