Prusso-Austrian War of 1866 registration

This registration form is provided for all individuals who wish to participate in the Historical Online Learning Foundation’s 2021-22 Winter game event, the Prussians-Austrian War of 1866. This game event will utilize the European Unification Wars Online (EUWOL) game system. The game event will start in early December 2021 and run through the February/March 2022 time frame. Registration for players will remain open throughout the event’s duration to allow registration for any late applicants. Registration opens on 19 November 2021.

Enter your actual last name.

Enter your actual first name.

Enter any game related persona name you wish to use during this scenario (optional)

Enter the email address you wish to use to receive all turn reports and game related correspondence.

Enter the password you wish to use to submit orders for your units in the scenario. This password is only known to you and the Game Administrator.

Indicate the National player team you wish to align with during this scenario

If you want to play as a citizen of a subordinate Fragmentary (Frag) nation to your indicated preferred national alignment - indicate here. You will only be considered for a Frag aligned with your overall national (Major Nation) preference. There are 4x Frags aligned with Austria. There are only 2x Frags aligned with Prussia.

Consider me for the following roles on my player team:

Indicate all special circumstances or personal preferences that will impact your participation in the game event. Usual examples are planned vacations, major business trips, surgeries or a simple preference e such as “will not serve as Trasury Minister” or “I prefer a cavalry command”. This entry is optional.