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Battle of Abensberg, (20 April 1809)

Napoleon's opening advance in his counterattack against the Austrian army under Archduke Charles in Bavaria in April 1809. Based at Abensberg 25 kilometers southwest of Ratisbon, Napoleon directed two forces, a provisional corps under Marshal Jean Lannes toward Rohr and a Rheinbund force (that is, a force from the Confederation of the Rhine) under Marshal François Lefebvre toward Schweinbach, striking the weakest point in the Austrian line and splitting it in two.

Hanover versus Prussia

Actually, Prussia and Hanover, the latter backed by Britain, nearly did square off in 1729. It seems the Elector of Hanover (George II) was ticked off over Prussian recruiting officers kidnapping Hanoverian subjects for service in Frederick William's army. He threw at least one of the offenders into prison. There was a period of tension then the Prussians backed off and Hanoverian subjects were reasonably safe. I have wondered if this event might have influenced the Prussians to develop a less haphazard means of recruitment by establishing the canton system, which was set up in 1732.

Suggested Reading for School of Advanced Studies

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