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Consolidated Basic Course Web Site

This web page contains links to the materials for the Historical Online Learning Foundation's (HOLF) Academy course for basic skills and knowledges needed to play any of the land combat modules offered by HOLF. This course is based on ROTD, Rolling of the Drums, the land warfare module for CWOL - the more complex land warfare module of the three games (CWOL, AMWOL, NWOL) currently used by HOLF.

To complete the course, a cadet must read five web pages (plus others linked to them) and correctly answer four online quizzes about the contents of those pages. When a players has completed all four quizzes, the server notifies the Academy Commandant and the player is formally commissioned to serve as a Tactical-level (brigade and regimental) commander in any of the HOLF games.

HOLF Players' Guild

Students at the Academy are strongly encouraged to join the HOLF Players' Guild. HOLF is the organization that sponsors the CWOL, NWOL, AMWOL games. Members of the Player's Guild are notified when new games begin, and announcements related to games in progress are made on the Players' Guild web site.

Taking the Course

If you are enrolled in the course, then you complete the course by doing the following:
  1. Read the first course page, including the pages linked from it.
  2. Follow the link at the end of the first course page to the first quiz, and successfully answer all questions.
  3. Read, in order, the second, third, and fourth pages, follow the links at the end of those pages to the second, third, and fourth quizzes, and successfully answer all questions.
  4. Read the fifth page and acknowledge receipt of your graduation from the course from the Commandant.
You may work through the pages in one sitting, or you can do them over several sessions, as you prefer. The entire course will normally take 30 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on your pace and your wargaming experience. You should read the course pages in order, as each page assumes you know the contents of the one before it. However, you may submit the quizzes in any order, though you cannot complete the course until you have submitted all four correctly.

Course Web Pages

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