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Unit/Ship Orders Forms
Land unit orders
Ship orders

Unit Management Orders
Land assignments
Activate or inactivate land unit
Disband unit
Transfer men/batteries between units
Merge two units
Deploy/remove pontoon bridge

Financial Orders Forms
Borrow money/print greenbacks
Buy foreign MPs
Buy supplies
Buy naval stores
Raise regiments
Build new land units
Build new naval units
Build supply depot
Build fortifications
Add crew/Marines to an existing ship
Add men/batteries to an existing unit
Census page
Governments page
Maps index page
Rules index page

Ship Management Orders
Naval assignments
Activate or inactivate ship
Scuttle ship
Transfer crew between ships
Merge TR groups
Split TR group

Deployment Orders
Land unit pregame deployment
Ship pregame deployment

Other Orders Forms
Land supply movements
Naval stores movements
Remove supply depot
Upgrade weapons
Change player's password