Specie, Loans, and Greenbacks (EUWOL Variant)
Fortification Construction/Improvement Order Page

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Location (strategic square):     Tactical location:    
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(Leave blank to have fortifications constructed by civilian labor - not available in 2020 games)
(Units can provide fortifications at no cost to level 1 with experience level 10 or more and
to level 2 with experience level 20 or more. Units can build fortifications of level 3 and up,
 and unit with lower experience can build fortifications of levels 1 or 2, but the cost must be paid.)

Email address for confirmation of order (optional):    

Fortification construction orders can be submitted by a state's Treasury Minister, or by its Monarch or Prime Minister. They cannot be submitted by the War Minister unless he also holds one of the other three posts. Orders for fortifications being built by units can also be submitted by the commander or deputy of that unit, but only for level 1 and level 2 fortifications. A unit can only build fortifications in a tactical square if it is located in that tactical square.
For location, enter a strategic square (e.g. G4-S6, not a city name) and a tactical square (e.g. 7-7). You may enter "city" for tactical location if the strategic square has a city in it. Fortifications defend against attacks from the facing direction and one direction to each side. For example, forts facing north defend against attacks from north, northeast, and northwest. Forts facing southeast defend against attacts from east, southeast, and south.
If there is an existing fortification in the requested tac square, facing in the requested direction, then it will be increased by one level; that is, from level 2 to level 3, or level 4 to level 5. If there is not, then a new level 1 fortification will be built there.

Maintained by Steve Schmidt, 7/15/20