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This site is intended to serve as the repository of records from past events and activities. This site is designed to allow members of the Players Guild and friends of the Foundation to search and locate documents that capture the intent and flavor of the 18+ sponsored conducted since 1997, the dozens of Academy training exercises, and as much of the official findings from alpha & beta developmental testing as possible. All past players of HOLF-sanctioned events, tests, and graduates of the various academies used over the years are encouraged to forward any relevant documents they wish to donate to the War College Archivist.

Napoleonic Wars Online (NWOL)

NWOL - 1 (2006)

NWOL - 2 (2008)

  • TBP

Civil War OnLine (CWOL)

Mexican War (BLADD beta) (1997)

  • "The Fighting 15th" (a eulogy to the 15th Virginia, the first unit ever decimated in CWOL)

  • "Honor Guard" (a story allowing the distinguished units from the BLADD beta to be recognized)

CWOL-1 (1997)

Examples of Player-generated web sites for CWOL-1 (courtesy of Jordi Pueyo)

CWOL-2 (1998)

CWOL-3 (1999)

CWOL-4 (2000)

CWOL-5 (2002)

CWOL-6 (2002)

CWOL-7 (2004)

Special Events

Red River Campaign (1999)

Manifest Destiny beta (1999)

Franco-Mexican "Incident" (concurrent w/ CWOL V) (2002)

Summer Games (2002)

Spring Games (2003)

The Sparring Matches at Wake's Gym (Summer 2003)

Ole Rough & Ready (ORR)(Nueces River Campaign) (2004)

Spring Games (Triple Scenario) (2009)

  • Summary & Scenario Reports



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