Registration for the War of Jenkins’ Ear (WoJE) (Summer Games 2022)

The following web form will register you for playing the HOLF Summer Games 2022 scenario, the War of Jenkins Ear (1739). This scenario will use the NWOL game engine with modifications. Details about the scenario can be found at the HOLF Players Guild Forum > <

List the last name used by you for the Players Guild

List the first name you use in your Players Guild registration.

List the email account you wish to use to receive game reports and to communicate with other players.

List the password you wish to use to submit unit orders

List any game name you wish to use to play in the War of Jenkins Ear scenario.

Select which nation state you wish to align with to play WoJE.

What role would you like to be assigned as in WoJE?

List any special circumstances that might affect your assignment. Include planned vacations or events that would cause you to be unable to submit orders or participate in WoJE for an extended period of time.