Player Registration - Spring Games 2023 (War on the Iberia Pennisula 1810)

This registration form is presented for all individuals interested in playing the online simulation scenario, Spain 1810, offered by the Historical OnLine Learning Foundation (HOLF). This scenario simulates the French effort in 1810 to stop the British incursion in Portugal and the growing Spanish insurgency.

This game event is scheduled to start at mid-April and run approximately 45 turns. Usual turn progression is 2x turns a week so the entire event should last until the end of September 2023 with breaks for major American holidays.

All individuals who wish to play and are not members of the HOLF Players Guild are encouraged to join the Players Guild so they can log into the site and follow the game administration announcements, players postings, or other items of interest that are posted there. Access to the Players Guild Forum is restricted to Guild members. If you wish to join the Guild, go to and follow the instructions under "Create a new account". There is no charge to join the Guild. Your contact information will not be released nor used for data mining.

Enter your last name as used in your Players Guild registration

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Enter the email address you wish to use to receive turn results and Spain 1810 related information.

Enter the password you wish to use to secure your orders and the processing of unit/ship instructions

Indicate your preferred national team alignment (select no more than two)

Select all game roles that interest you (multiple choices accepted)

List any game name you wish to use (optional)

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