Historical Troop Strengths - Britain

( By David Zumsteg )

In 1763 The British Infantry numbered 125 regiments containing 150 battalions.

Between then and the onset of the Napoleonic Wars the number wavered with with the cycle of expansion and disbandments surrounding conflicts.

At the beginning of the battle against Revolutionary France the infantry Force was increased to 135 regiments plus many second battalions. In addition numerous French emigre and "foreign" regiments served during the Napoleonic wars. There was also a substantial increasement of militia and volunteer units.

A typical line regiment should contain Three Officers, two sergeants, three corporals, one drummer and 30 privates in peace times and 100 privates when on war footing per company, thus giving Line Regiments a theoretical strength of 1,000 per battalion.

Foot Guards fielded stronger battalions, while regimental second battalions were generally weaker than the average line regiment.

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