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This site is designed to provide a centralized location for navigation links to all the player-edited newspapers produced in support of the first iteration of  Napoleonic Wars Online. The links are organized by nation-state and the link will take the reader to latest edition of the publication. Requests for back issues should be made to the individual editor of that paper.

Hapsburg Monarchy



The Osterreich Times 

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1st French Republic


Le Voix de Republique

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(posted 10/31/06)

Great Britain


The London Times 

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Kingdom of Prussia

The Berlin Kurier   

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Fall 1795 Issue! (6/13/07)


The Russian Republic

   Голос  Революции

      ("Voice of Revolution")

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      (Final issue 12/26/07)



Kingdom of Denmark

The Danish News

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(New Issue 5/14/07)

The Netherlands

House of Orange

 No publication listed.

Kingdom of Naples

No publication listed.

Kingdom of Portugal

No publication listed.

The Kingdom of Spain

 No publication listed.

Kingdom of Sweden

 No publication listed.



Kingdom of Bavaria

 Die Bayrische Zeitschrift

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7th Issue


House of Brunswick-Lüneburg

 No publication listed.

Republic of Lombardy

Le Regina

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2d Issue (Fall 1795)

The Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg

 No publication listed.

The Papal States


The Roman Reporter

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Duchy of Pomeria

No publication listed.

Duchy of Savoy-Sardinia

No publication listed.

Electorate of Saxony

No publication listed.

The Swiss Confederation

 No publication listed. Heraldic Blasons Heraldisme Heraldica

Duchy of Tuscany

No publication listed.

The Venetian Repiublic

No publication listed.

Grand Duchy of Wurttemberg

zum Gutenberg’s

Monthly Digest

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New Issue!


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